We change ideas to solutions


IDC programmable digital counter

Incremental rotary encoders

KompoMER system for monitoring temperatures in compost piles

TS - 160 rugged manual thermoprobe

QuickTap beer dispensing unit

Automation of industrial machines and devices

PCB boards design & development

About us

Company infoEL, information technologies d.o.o. was established on 6.12.2010 in order to use longtime experiences and knowledge in the area of software development (Windows and Linux applications), Web applications, industrial applications (software and hardware), embedded devices (software and hardware)...
We provide "turnkey solutions" for hardware and software, project and design necessary hardware (create PCB-s) and write applications.
For application development, C++ language is used on different platforms (Windows, PIC-embedded, Linux).

Orientation of the company is: "A good idea without the technical execution, is just an idea."

Our mission is to implement individual ideas into technical solutions.
Small team is covering all necessary areas required, that idea becomes a product. We develop and integrate hardware, write software (if needed) for it, develop desktop applications for controlling devices, web application for remote-control, integrate embedded devices...
Our advantage is quality, long-term customer support, and product customization to customer demands.

Our vision ? Desire for longterm competetive presence in the area of software design and industrial processes and systems.